Scuba Diving at Night

Isla Mujeres

Night Dive

Diving at night in this area it’s completely different from a day dive. You can only see the the underwater life in the caribbean illuminated by your dive light so this amplifies your senses and your concentration is focused on one small tunnel of light.

Colors are vivid at night so the multicolored reef formations are vibrant and intensified. As the day time sea creatures hide away, the night time critters come out to play. Watch octopus, lobster and moray eels glide over their natural habitat during your Isla Mujeres night dive.

Pricing and Reservations

$110 USD per Person

Daily 5:30 pm: for certified Scuba Divers only

Trip Includes

  • Dive Equipment: Mask, Fins, Regulator, BCD, Weight Bell, Light and Tank
  • Refreshments
  • Fruits
  • Entrance to the National Park