Dive Isla Mujeres with the Turtles

Scuba diving in Punta sur drift dive with the Turtles From May to June.

Turtles are captivating creatures. Some of them look like gentle giants, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they are very social in company of other turtles and adorable as well. Talking about turtles mating, it requires sexually mature turtles. As such, a male turtle needs to be at least three years old and the female turtle should be at least five years old. That being said, one should ensure that they breed only healthy turtles.
It’s nothing short of challenge to ensure that the turtles eat the right amount and kind of foods during mating. Experts reckon that turtles are observed to be more sexually oriented during late spring. This is primarily due to longer days and warmer climate. Such an environment stimulates the sexual desires in them.
If you witness that your turtles are rubbing their body against each other, then you should know that this is a sign of affection towards each other. One may call it a way of flirting with each other. You will also find them moving around unusually trying to grab attention of their partner. After the drama is over, they are able to develop the comfort zone to start mating. The male turtle will be seen climbing from behind. It will then wrap its tail around the female turtle’s tail. This can be considered as the onset of the fertilization process.
You shouldn’t be surprised to see the male turtle charging on the female turtle while starting off. The sound of groaning will fall on your ears. On the other hand, the female turtle may sound quiet and disinterested. As such, the mating process will take a few hours. The female turtle might get annoyed after some time and she might move away to a different spot with the male turtle still mating on its back. You might witness the occasional dragging scene as the female turtle will try desperately to change spots. Remember, this is just a normal way by which these turtles behave while mating, and neither of them will be harmed in the whole process.
The female turtle will lay its eggs when the right time comes. It will then place the eggs in a nest, usually an area comprising of sand. The eggs enter the world through a small opening of the female turtle, often referred as cloaca. Depending upon the species, few female turtles lay eggs many times in a single year. The eggs will hatch and grow slowly over a period of time, and then slip into the ocean.
For pet owners, below are a few pointers on how they can take care of the turtle’s eggs. Firstly, one should consider placing the eggs in a slightly buried position to ensure that they are able to monitor them easily. It’s imperative that you check the moisture content with your fingers every few days to prevent excess dryness. Spraying light mist over the eggs will keep the moisture content in check. Lastly, make sure that you don’t turn the eggs. You should be very careful while handling them.

Swim with the Whale sharks!

The Whale sharks encounter is one of the most important trips we offer on Isla Mujeres because in this area we had see more than 800 of Whale sharks from the last years, this means is the best place to see them .

This trip offers snorkeling with the Whale shark , basically you get in the water with the snorkel guide and follow the Whale shark see them open the big mouth eating the Plankton from the surface, the season is from May 15th to September 17th , but the best time is June and August , This trip start at 8:00 am and take about 45 min to 1 hour to find them from the blue water area, we bring maximum 10 people on the boat- Snorkel guide and Captain.

Don’t miss the opportunity to swim with the biggest fish of the WORLD.




Dive Underwater Museum

The underwater museum is one of the most important dive to do while you visit isla Mujeres,The underwater museum has a total of 500 sculptures, Isla Mujeres offer the biggest galleries , The boat ride from Isla Mujeres downtown is just about 15 minutes and the depth is only 33 feet perfect for experience divers or begginers .

Isla Mujeres,Mexico.

Isla Mujeres is the name of a small island, as well as the town on that island, a short distance off the coast of the northeast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea. Isla Mujeres is also one of the eight municipalities of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is about 13 km northeast of Cancún, at 21.20° North, 86.72° West. The island is some 7 km long and 650 meters wide. In the 2005 census the municipality had a population of 13,315, and the town had a population of 11,147. The municipality, which lies mostly on the mainland in the northeastern corner of the state, has an area of 1,100 km² (424.7 sq mi).

In Pre-Columbian times the island was sacred to the Maya goddess of childbirth and medicine, Ixchel. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century they named it “Isla Mujeres” because of the many images of goddesses. The first information available about Isla Mujeres is from the period between 564–1516 AD, when it was part of the Maya province called Ekab. There were 4 Maya provinces in what is today the State of Quintana Roo. The Maya also exploited the salt that the island produced in the “salinas” (small interior lagoons). The salt was used not only for the preservation of food and medicine but also as a generally accepted currency for commerce of goods along the whole Maya region. The Maya goddess Ixchel had a temple in what is today the Hacienda Mundaca (Mundaca’s Plantation House).

A small Maya temple was once located on the southern tip of the island. However, in 1988, Hurricane Gilbert caused extensive damage, leaving most of the foundation but only a very small portion of the temple.

Since the 1970s, along with nearby Cancún, there has been substantial tourist development in Isla Mujeres.

Sailfish Adventure Only on Isla Mujeres!

Discover the wonder to swim with the atlantic sailfish in Isla Mujeres.

The sailfish is the fastest in the ocean , to catch the sardines the sailfish use various techniques , They work in small groups to surround them and separate them from the school in order to take them to the surface , where they are easier to hunt. this feast attracts frigate birds , betraying the location of the attack to the human eye.

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