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Isla Mujeres ,Mexico offers a great variety of fish and corals. Our coral reef are only 15 minutes boat ride from the Island, In Isla Mujeres we have an area protected by SEMARNAT where you can find a large school of fish , turtles , lobsters , grouper, mantarays , shark ,lion fish , snapper etc…

In addition to the protected area that is located in the south , we have Shipwrecks for more advanced divers or experience divers where you can see eagle rays, barracudas and big fish.

To the north of the island we have other sites such as the Sleeping shark cave , Piedra atravezada , Pailas , Chyrel shipwreck and Ultrafrezze shipwreck, where these sites can see other types of marine life such as dolphins , sharks , loggerhead turtles, mackerel, giant grouper , caves , bridges and much more….

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