2 Tank Dive Sleeping Shark Cave + Pailas Reef

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We believe that there’s no better place to do so than Isla Mujeres, a tropical island jewel in the Caribbean Sea. Our many visitors that return year after year will happily back us up, or the travelers that came for a week and just never left! Isla Mujeres simply provides one of the best overall scuba diving experiences, not just in Mexico, but the world.

2 Tank Dive Sleeping Shark Cave + Pailas Reef

Tour Description

The Cave of the Sleeping Sharks was discovered in 1969 and lies about 60 feet (20 meters) underwater, formed by coral formations that allow divers to get close to the resting sharks. Nurse sharks are most commonly seen in the cave and although they are harmless it is still exhilarating to be able to swim so close to them.

Just 30 minutes off the coast of Cancun near Isla Mujeres lies a popular diving destination called Cave of the Sleeping Sharks, which has baffled marine biologists everywhere. Sharks must constantly be in motion in order to breathe through their skins, but in this cave the sharks can use bubbles from underwater springs to breathe, allowing them to “sleep” completely still.

Adventure Dives

 16 m/ 50 ft. on average 
Bottom Time 
45 minutes on average
What You Can See?
Big schools of barracudas , huge cave bridge where we can find sharks sleeping , mostly nurse sharks , Big green morays, Mantarays and dolphins.


LOG BOOK AND A DIVER CERTIFICATION CARD from PADI, SSI, CMAS or any other international association.

Group Size:

4 divers : 1 dive guide

Squalo Adventures like to manage small groups for a better experience .
If we have more people, we will bring an extra instructor onboard.


Pricing and Reservations

Sleeping Shark Cave + Pailas Reef
  • Per Person $2,300 MXN
  • Rental Gear $500 MXN

    Dive Gear Rental Full Set: includes BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins, and snorkel

Dive Trip Includes

  • Tanks and weights
  • Bottle of water
  • Fruits and cookies
  • National marine park fee

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