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Your first time on scuba feels amazing. For most divers, that first breath underwater is unforgettable, opening the door to a different world.

What you will feel and see are unique, there is no experience like diving.

Only you can say why scuba interest you. Looking for adventure? Diving is one of the world’s most adventurous activities. Love nature? No other environment approaches the abundance and diversity of a pristine coral reef, or the intriguing life in a lake or flooded quarry . Does discovery drive you? Even at frequently visited dive sites you’ll see things most people never see and go where most people never go.

Scuba delivers adrenaline and intensity, or serenety and peace. You can take on rewarding challenges that require training, planinng, equipment, and focus, or you can drift relaxed through some of the worlds most tranquil and beautiful settings. There’s always something new to see , somewhere new to explore ans some new way to enjoy it.You can’t outgrow diving.

Course Overview

The diving course has three parts: knowledge development, Confined Water Dives and Open Water Dives.

Knowledge development covers the principles, concepts and terms that you need to know for safety and so you can enjoy diving.



PADI Open Water Diver

Open water course

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