Open water course

Diver doing the open water diver course

Get your Open Water Course . Your first time on scuba feels amazing. For most divers, that first breath underwater is unforgettable, opening the door to a different world. What you will feel and see are unique, there is no

Try Discover scuba diving

diver with the reef discover scuba diving

    Have you ever wonder try scuba diving for a first time? but you are not sure if you really like it becuase you have never breath underwater before? Let us tell you something , Discover scuba diving program

Dive Underwater Museum

Underwater Museum and Reef Dive

The underwater museum is one of the most important dive to do while you visit isla Mujeres,The underwater museum has a total of 500 sculptures, Isla Mujeres offer the biggest galleries , The boat ride from Isla Mujeres downtown is

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